“Blic Online” on refugee crisis: Serbia will defend borders using weapons

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Serbia wants to enforce its borders. Just like neighbouring Bulgaria, Belgrade believes the E.U. Turkey Deal might burst, with consequences for the country’s borders, which would consist of a lot of movement across the latter. The Serbian government even wants to use the military to curb that movement.

A few days ago, Bulgaria’s caretaker Prime Minister Ognyan Gerdzhikov had announced, Bulgaria had taken “additional measures”, by enforcing the southern border. The country is increasingly getting nervous because of the latest threats from Ankara, according to which the border might be opened to refugees any time now.

An “increased flow of migrants” was possible “within the next few days”, Gerdzhikov said on Tuesday. So far, no borders have been opened anywhere. And maybe it won’t happen, since 3 billion (U.K. English: milliard) Euro in E.U. money for Turkey is a pretty good argument to leave it that way.

Now Serbia is preparing for the “darkest scenario”, as the publication “Blic Online” puts it. But the government would “always protect the country and the population”, Labour Minister Aleksandar Vulin said, according to the daily.

Vulin was also quoted saying, in no way would there be uncontrolled movement in Serbia and the country would “not allow any large influx of people who come here without proper documentation”. Vulin vowed, Serbia would be “able to defend its territory”.

The Serbian publication even claimed it had “learned” that Serbia was ready to use the military, in order to defend its borders against refugees. Not only that, but the military “would have the authority to use weapons”. Apparently, there are politicians in Belgrade, who are a bit shaky on international law and Human Rights.

Only some 20 years after the latest in a long series of Serbian wars of conquest, which included genocide, observers believe that statement is even more scandalous than it would have been without the country’s recent violent history. Using weapons against defenceless asylum seekers is pretty much the worst crime any country could commit.

At this stage, Serbia accommodates about 8,000 refugees. About 1,000 of them, mostly boys and men, were forced to spend the harsh winter in an abandoned warehouse in Belgrade, without heating or anything. The number 8,000 is harmless. In the fall of 2015, this number of refugees came through Serbia every single day. Absolutely all of them were sent to Hungary and Croatia.

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