Bulgaria in March: Cold and white substance baffles inhabitants

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Sofia residents were baffled this morning, when they left their homes and found a cold, white substance all over the place. By 10 a.m., some of it had disappeared, while the remaining part was stuck to vehicles and lawns in parks.

The white material reminded Bulgarians of something they had seen and felt throughout January quite a lot. In the late morning, it was identified as snow.

Eight days before the official start of spring, nature seemed to want to demonstrate who is calling the shots.

Snow in the Rousse region, on March 13 2017.

Even weather forecasters were surprised. They had forecast some snow in Sofia. But the rain at 4 degrees Centigrade, which had been predicted for Rousse in north-eastern Bulgaria, turned out to be a lot of snow at 0 degrees.

On Tuesday, Bulgaria should be largely snow-free, with the exception of the area around Smolyan in the very south, and the skiing resorts higher up in the mountains, provided the forecasters are right, once in a lifetime. 


Photo from Rousse by “Und weg – ausgewandert nach Bulgarien”

Photo from Sofia (at top of page) by Imanuel Marcus




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