You Know a Bulgarian Spring Is Around the Corner When ….

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These are 10 signs which will show you spring in Bulgaria is definitely around the corner. If all of them apply, you better get your bikini ready.

So, you know the Bulgarian spring is on its way when ….

1. ….. your Cappuccino is not turning into ice within seconds, and you don’t have to lick it anymore, but you can actually drink it.

2. ….. you are wearing so many Martenitsi, you can hardly lift your arm.

3. ….. you look at your belly, thinking it might be time to stop eating like a T-Rex.

4. ….. firing up the Diesel does not take half a day anymore.

5. ….. you just woke up from hibernation, staring at your January heating bill in disbelief.

6. ….. you don’t need a flamethrower, a canister with kerosene and matches anymore, just to be able to walk on your own driveway.

7. ….. it seems the city has actually shoveled away the snow, because it all melted, and your spouse suddenly agrees to clear the snow. What snow?

8. ….. the only avalanche in sight is the huge pile of unpaid bills on your desk.

9. ….. they leave you alone with those bloody weather warnings.

10. ….. urinating in the woods will not lead to painful deicing procedures at hospitals anymore.

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