“Baba Marta” in Bulgaria: Celebrating the Arrival of Spring

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The area around the “Mineralni Bani”, in the center of Sofia, was full on Tuesday. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.

The day of “Baba Marta”, on which Bulgarians celebrate the arrival of spring, had not even started, when inhabitants of Sofia filled the streets on Tuesday, which turned out to be the warmest day of the year, so far.

Around the “Mineralni Bani”, in the center of Sofia, people purchased those little yarn bracelets in white and red, which they would give to family members, friends and colleagues the next day, following the “Baba Marta” tradition.

At school no. 32, there were no classes, yet again. This time it was not “Snowmagaddon” or an electricity outage caused by unpaid bills, but rather a water outage. Since the headmistress could not just cancel all classes officially, she told all of them to visit museums.

At a little pizzeria in Ul. Prof. Asen Zlatarov, the Cesar Salad with tuna was excellent on Tuesday evening, as some guests sat outside, in the yard, while having their Pizza Marco Polo or their little drink. At that point, the temperature in Sofia might have dropped to 14 degrees, but after a catastrophic winter, it felt like 25 degrees.

On Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia’s main shopping street, which was converted to a pedestrian zone a few years back, and offers a view on the Vitosha mountain, people sauntered and stared through shop windows. They found out that everything looked like it had, before that tough winter confined Bulgarians to their warm homes.

Sofia felt like a Balkanese capital again, in the very south-east of the continent, in which spring can hit you on a day in February, if you are lucky.

March 1st, “Baba Marta” day, will be rainy in western Bulgaria, and sunny in the rest of the country, at acceptable temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Centigrade in Smolyan to 22 degrees (no, it’s not a typo) in the towns of Lovech and Montana. Those lucky devils!

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“Martenitsa” stands in Sofia, on Tuesday. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.




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