Former President Rossen Plevneliev: Love for Israel in Contrast to Wide-Spread Bias

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Walking across Sofia’s book market on Slavejkov Square is nice, until the face of Adolf Hitler comes into sight, on the cover of “Mein Kampf”. At several stands here, this book has a prominent place, on top of all other books offered in piles, just as if it had been released a week ago and become a bestseller. 

Continuing a walk through the city center will bring to light more admiration for the murderers who ruled Nazi Germany, and their willing executioners in the population. Some morons, who still seem to be fond of the idea of war and genocide, have sprayed swastikas on the walls of buildings in certain areas.

Looking into Bulgarian politics will reveal that ultra-nationalist parties, akin to fascism and hatred towards minorities, might have the support of more than 10% of Bulgarian voters. This is something Bulgaria will know more about after the parliamentary elections, which are scheduled to take place in exactly a month from now, to the day.

On the other hand, there are very good signs. The Sofia Synagogue is just a few steps away from the Banya Bashi Mosque and Sveta Nedelya Church. There is an overwhelmingly peaceful co-existence of Jews, Muslims and the Christian-Orthodox majority in Sofia.

Then there is Bulgaria’s more recent history, which former President Rosen Plevneliev likes to talk about: “We are so proud of the amazing act of bravery during the Second World War, as the Bulgarian civil society, church and some politicians stood up for Jewish friends and they saved the lives of all the Jews in Bulgaria, more than 48,000 lives,” Plevneliev just told the Jerusalem Post.

The article, entitled “A Bulgarian Love Affair with Israel“, in which it falsely says, Plevneliev had lost his reelection to Rumen Radev (at least that is what it said on Saturday at 18:00 hrs.), portrays a former President of Bulgaria whose appreciation for the only Jewish state on the planet is sincere: “I love Israel. I love the people. I love the spirit.” Just days before, Plevneliev had received the Friends of Zion Award, in recognition of the salvation of Bulgaria’s Jews during fascism.

Rosen Plevneliev recalled the terrorist attack in Burgas, during which five Israeli tourists and one Bulgarian bus driver were murdered in 2012, and told the Israeli publication, he arrived at the scene 32 minutes after the bomb exploded. Also he said he had spoken out against antisemitism, both at the European Union and the United Nations.

This kind of position towards Israel and the Jewish people is not self-evident in Europe, or anywhere. Israel is under pressure, e.g. for these reasons:

>> At the U.N., the so-called “Human Rights Council” (UNHRC) keeps on passing resolutions against Israel only, while ignoring Human Rights abuses in the countries of many council members, or in places like Syria and Sudan.

>> Also at the U.N., the organisation UNRWA, which is supposed to help refugees, e.g. by running schools, employs teachers who advocate murdering Jews on social media, and generally does more to hurt Israel than to help Palestinian refugees.

>> E.U. governments, including the German one, have given millions of Euro to UNRWA, in spite of the U.N. agency’s approach. And they are supporting the Palestianian Authority (PA), which teamed up with Hamas, puts Palestinians in harm’s way, glorifies murderers and pays salaries to their families, teaches children how to murder Jews on Palestinian TV, and refuses to even recognize Israel.

>> Certain governments, such as the Swedish one, have taken an even more hostile stand against the only Democracy in the Middle East, by saying “the settlements” were preventing peace, while ignoring the fact that all of those wars and terror attacks against Israel started the moment the country was founded, long before there were any settlements in the West Bank.

>> A majority of governments are failing to see the one problem which prevents peace, which is the Palestinian leadership’s and its supporter’s refusal to even have peace negotiations. There is a reason: The PA wants to keep on hating Israel, rather than having peace, since that is what keeps them in power and what keeps the financial aid coming in.

>> The so-called BDS, an antisemitic, global movement is still trying to make cities and countries boycott Israeli goods, a strategy the Nazis had come up with some seven decades before them. Since today’s Israel did not exist towards the end of the 1930-s, the Nazis called it boycotting Jews. 

So, Plevneliev’s stance on Israel is special indeed. He is just as pro-Israel as he is pro-European: “I’m fighting for this project, because I want peace”, he told the Post.

He also revealed he was in the process of writing a book, about international affairs and an outlook for 2017. It should be a good read.

The Jerusalem Post article can be found here.

By Imanuel Marcus

Photo: By Friends of Zion Museum



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