The 10 Least Sexy Cars on Sofia’s Boulevard Dondukov

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By our car critic, Dr. Silver Wraith.

1. A Mégane. At least that dirty scrapheap was parked at the appropriate spot, right next to the trash container.

2. Sexy? Not this vehicle. When they needed a new 308 model at Peugeot, they probably told the intern: “Design a car. You have 5 minutes.”

3. Since when are bathtubs allowed to park on the street? 

4. Come on! You call this a Chevy? This thing looks like an inflatable mattress. Get it out of my sight.

5. A block of concrete is more sexy than this result of German engineering. Get outta here.

6. Nice try. This Golf is missing three wheels, a passenger cabin and windshield wipers. Son of a bitch!

7. The owner of this 6 cylinder Insignia probably thinks he is Burt Reynolds in “Smokey and the Bandit”. Even I am more sexy than this shoe box on wheels.

8. Do you see any car? I don’t.

9. Sure, a Fiat. Fix it again tomorrow. Well, it does have a sexy behind.

10. This Mustang was the most sexy vehicle on Boulevard Dondukov yesterday. But what would Freud have said about that bulge on the hood? 

The author, Dr. Silver Wraith, works for the publications “Pile of Junk” and “Scrapheap Galore”. Also, he hosts the syndicated radio shows “Grab Them by the Wheel, Imbeciles!” and “Get Out of My Way, Moron!”.



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