The 10 Most Lovely Valentine’s Day Gifts Unavailable in Bulgaria

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What? Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday? Indeed. There is not much time left. The search for the most sexy, the most appropriate and most useful gift needs to commence right now. For those who need a quick solution, which makes sense, these are the 10 best gifts not available in Bulgaria.

1. Trinoculars: The love of your life will be delighted. She or he will know you picked her (or his) gift with love. Availability in Bulgaria: No.

2. Windows 3.1: The most dependable operating system ever. Just don’t scan or the damned thing will crash. Availability in Bulgaria: Probably yes.

3. Fukitol Pills: Your love has to go through a heating outage, a root canal, a demotion at work and a tax audit? This will take away the tension. Availability in Bulgaria: No. 

4. Unicorn Meat: Tired of eating Banitsa and Twix chocolate bars all day long? This is the ideal present. Availability in Bulgaria: No.

5. Coughing Lung Ashtray: Enjoying a romantic smoke on the balcony at -15 degrees? Don’t forget this perfect gadget. Availability in Bulgaria: No.


6. DVD Rewinder: You and the love of your life will already be watching the Hitchcock flick, while rewinding “Groundhog Day”, using this cool device. Availability in Bulgaria: No.

7. Bullshit Button: People around you are talking bullshit, as always? Hit this portable button and see what happens. Availability in Bulgaria: No.

8. USB Toaster: You feel like making four slices of toast in 30 minutes? Stick the end of the damned cable into your USB port, while editing yet another useless Powerpoint presentation. It’s a miracle. Availabily in Bulgaria: No.

9. A Brand New Tesla Model S: Your love will always want to take smooth rides with you. Availability in Bulgaria: No.

10. A Mug With a Statement of Love: There is no better way to express feelings. Availability in Bulgaria: Maybe.

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