Sofia on a Saturday: First Sign of Spring

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On a Saturday which turned out to be tragic, a taxi driver was shot and injured in Sofia’s Nadezhda quarter. In the Metro station “Joliot Curie”, a woman jumped in front of a train and died as a result.

But many inhabitants just enjoyed a regular Saturday, even though they had to be dressed well. The -2 degrees Centigrade felt more like -8 degrees, due to the wind. Vitosha Boulevard was relatively full with people taking walks anyway, 38 days before the first day of spring.

The view on the Vitosha mountain range, from Vitosha Boulevard, was stunning. A narrow, sharp cloud split the mountain in half. Only the bottom and the peak were visible, with that cloud in between.

On Boulevard Patriarch Evtimi, between the “Popa” statue and Ul. Han Krum, a large part of the huge cavity, which had been dug into the street months ago, was already closed, meaning the construction of that new Metro station has advanced quite a bit. Still, it will take another year until the new Metro line is operational.

At some locations, including the tram stop at the old mineral bath on Ul. Ekzark Yosif, people started selling Martenitsi, those little, red and white bracelets Bulgarians start wearing on Baba Marta Day, which is March 1st. The bracelets, made of wool, are being tied to trees or bushes, once the first stork appears in spring, or the first blossoming flower. It’s a nice Bulgarian tradition. The appearance of those Martenitsa stands was the first sign of the fact that spring is on its way.

By yesterday, the municipality had even managed to get rid of some of the piles of dirt and trash, which had been surfacing all over the city when the snow melted several days ago. Therefore, Sofia looked a lot nicer than it had a week earlier.

The inhabitants of Sofia will have to hang in there for another few days. From the end of the new week, temperatures will remain above the freezing point even at night, forecasters said.

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