The Cold, the Snow, the Ice: To Hell With It

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I was going to publish an article saying the extreme cold was gone now, things were normalizing and the snow was going to melt within days. Forget it. Nothing will melt. Not even the frozen dog shit covering quite a few sidewalks in Sofia.

That article would have said that temperatures in Bulgaria will not drop below -10 degrees anymore. First of all, this would have been wishful thinking, since it isn’t true, and secondly that bloody cold front, which took all of us hostage around New Year, is not letting up. So, no, there is no all-clear and there won’t be for days, maybe for weeks, maybe forever. To hell with all of this.

Yesterday, while getting off a dirty tram, onto the dirty street around Boulevard Dondukov in Sofia, I jumped right into a dirty puddle, which made my dirty boots even dirtier. At that very moment, a lady walked by, who was wearing the cleanest boots I had ever seen in my miserable life. They looked like they were made of patent-leather. How in the hell did she do that? Maybe by hardly walking the streets at all. She probably took the elevator to her underground carpark in order to sit in her Lamborghini. Then she drove to Dondukov, where she left the vehicle for a second, to get a coffee at Kinky. Except there was no Lamborghini parked anywhere. We will never know who or what kept her boots clean.

So, while it might be above -10 degrees today, in many Bulgarian regions, -12 degrees were forecast for Pernik. Tomorrow, it’s Silistra’s turn.

Oh! Maybe that thing about rising temperatures was not so wrong after all. According to two forecast sources, Lovech can start celebrating, since they will have +12 and even +13 degrees on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Things look pretty similar in Burgas and Varna. Sofia and regions in central Bulgaria will at least reach +6 to +8 degrees by the end of the week, if forecasters don’t change their minds, like they usually do when things are looking bright and sunny. The same applies to southern Bulgaria.

There is one Bulgarian region which will have to hang in there with 2 degrees, while the rest of them are getting their bikinis ready: Vidin.

By Imanuel Marcus



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