Transparency International: Bulgaria is the most corrupt country in Europe

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Transparency International has released its Corruption Index 2016. The index is based on studies which established how corrupt countries are, based on evaluations on the corruption in the public sector. The latter were collected from experts in international institutions and research groups.

A value of points given to each of 176 countries on the list shows how wide the corruption spreads. 100 points would mean no corruption, 0 would be the worst value, with the most corruption.

According to the index, Denmark and New Zealand are the least corrupt countries on the planet. They both rank number one, with a value of 90 points each. More of the least corrupt countries at the top of the list are Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, The Netherlands and Canada.

The 10th place on the list is being shared by three countries: Great Britain, Germany and Luxembourg. Thirteen out of the 20 least corrupt countries in the world are European, according to the index.

Within the European Union, Bulgaria is the most corrupt country with only 41 points. The country got the 75th place on the index. Greece (44 points) and Italy (47 points) are part of the European hall of shame as well, in this regard. France is very weak too, with only 69 points. Bulgaria’s northern neighbour Romania hit the 57th place.

The most corrupt countries on the face of the Earth are Somalia, South Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Venezuela, Angola and Eritrea.

In a conclusion, Transparency International pointed out that political populists tended to construct corrupt systems which are even worse than what their countries had before. As examples, they cited Turkey and Hungary, the index ranks of which worsened in the past few years.

The United States of America ranked 18th and Japan 20th on the Corruption Index.

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