A Muddy Sunday in Bulgaria: Welcome to the Big Mess

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The yellow brick roads around the parliament building in Sofia are always slippery when wet. But with all the snow accumulated during the first part of this extreme winter, which was melting at relatively high temperatures on Saturday, and then freezing again, along with the melt water, it was very hard to move on that surface. At a certain time later in the evening, all streets and sidewalks were icy and slippery, which is why the bigger part of western Bulgaria was on a Code Yellow Weather Warning yesterday.

During the day, things felt fine in Sofia, due to temperatures just above the freezing point, which felt warm in comparison. People were walking around in the city center again. Many even had the courage to take their hats off. There were smiles on people’s faces again. But that changed when they accidentally stepped into one of the thousands of puddles on the sidewalks in the center, which are about as smooth and even as the surface of the Moon.

Another danger, for which they should have given a Code Red weather warning: Ignorant drivers, who would race through puddles on the streets, splashing the brown, dirty, disgusting melt water all over the place. As a result, pedestrians would be covered in that soup, and they would have to continue their walk with stains on their coats or pants or both. An estimated half a million pairs of shoes had to be cleaned thoroughly by inhabitants of Sofia last night.

Today (Sunday) was supposed to be a sunny day in most of Bulgaria, with some clouds showing up in the eastern part of the country. In Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Pernik and Montana, with night temperatures which slumped down to -14 to -10 degrees Centigrade, there was hardly any difference to the past 10 nights. But in many regions, minimum temperatures were a lot higher than they had been before. Burgas did not get colder than -1 degree in the past 24 hours. Neither did Varna. In Sliven, Yambol, Haskovo, Plovdiv and Pazardzhik, thermometers did not show values below -5 degrees.

But, according to forecasters, things will worsen yet again, when the next cold front hits Bulgaria this coming week, which will supposedly hit its lows on Friday and Saturday, according to the forecasts available today, with minimum temperatures of -10 to -14 degrees.

By Imanuel Marcus

Photo by Imanuel Marcus



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