Winter-Test: You Know You Are Stuck in a Bulgarian Winter when …

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You know you are stuck in a Bulgarian winter when …

… you can leave the house through the second floor window, because of the snow piling up so high.

… your dog seems to have disappeared under a pile of snow, even though you don’t have a dog.

… you hate the snowman you built and loved on the first day of snow.

… the weather forecast is actually accurate, for the first time ever.

… the can of Coca Cola you left outside for 5 minutes, for cooling purposes, explodes.

… you wanted to drive into town for a shopping spree, but you can’t find any roads.

… you can not identify your Jeep under all the snow and you ask your neighbour “Dude, where’s my car?”.

… the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” seems like a comedy, all of a sudden.

… the cops on the road will not stop you anymore, since they refuse to get out of their vehicle.

… the bus moves towards the bus stop crossways.

… the floor in your local supermarket looks like the one in a pigsty.

… you don’t know whether your car was towed away from the “Blue Zone”, since you can’t see it under the snow, and you don’t give a damn.

… thousands actually start reading your online publication.

… you ask yourself why you do not live in Costa Rica.

… you feel like a carp in a bloody freezer compartment.

By Imanuel Marcus



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