“Black Book”: The Waste of the Bulgarian Taxpayer’s Money

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The Sofia office of the German foundation Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung just released a comprehensive list of cases in which Bulgarian taxpayer’s money was wasted in 2016. The so-called “Black Book” is the second publication of this kind. According to the foundation, the first one, in 2015, was a big success.

The “Black Book”, which is available for free (in Bulgarian only), dissects cases in which the Bulgarian state wasted money by purchasing items for far too much money, by investing into projects which are unnecessary or e.g. by paying for construction work which was not done properly.

In a press release, the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung said, there “seems to be no shortage of examples where the money that citizens and companies in Bulgaria earn, as well as money that comes from Bulgaria’s friends via the European Funds, is handled in an improper way.”

Cases in which taxpayer’s money oozed away in dark channels, meaning corruption cases, are included in the publication too.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, Daniel Kaddik, the foundation’s Project Director in Southeastern Europe, said, the goal behind the “Black Book” was “to make Bulgarians angry about the fact that their hard-earned money is being spent for things which are not needed (…) and we want to remind them that it is actually their money, which the state is spending.”

Another intention is to show Bulgarian authorities that there are people who are looking into what exactly they are spending the money for, Kaddik said.

The “Black Book” compiles 15 examples for the waste of public money from different regions, which were researched intensively. In a new category, they added an “extended leading case”, which, in this year’s case, is about the Bulgarian Railways.

The Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung stresses that the list they included is far from complete. The organisation says, they just wanted to provide a snapshot, or a “best of”. All authorities responsible for wasting public money in the examples compiled, already received a copy of the “Black Book”. The foundation is hoping that this will make them improve next year.

The “Black Book” (in Bulgarian) can be downloaded here, for free.

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