Christmas Eve 2016 in Sofia: A Sort Of Quiet Night

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The Christmas Bazaar at the Sofia Grand Hotel somehow seemed out of place.

Apart from malls and shops, Sofia did not offer that many places to go to on Christmas Eve. A Christmas bazaar, set up on the second floor of Sofia Grand Hotel on General Gurko Street, somehow did not fit that all too elegant surrounding. Still, some visitors checked it out.

Taking a nice walk in the afternoon and having some nuts seemed like a good idea.

The Rois store for nuts and sweets in the city center was full at around 15:30 hrs., when everyone still seemed to be ready to purchase anything. Some men, who were walking from store to store, appeared to be panicking, probably because they had postponed purchasing gifts until the very last minute. At a large bookstore on Boulevard Vitosha, they would just grab and buy whatever they saw.

A cute Christmas present.

At around 16:30 hrs., the city suddenly became a lot emptier, since all Bulgarians headed home, for their 9 or 11 meatless dishes. Bars and restaurants on Boulevard Vitosha, which would usually be overcrowded on a Saturday evening, actually closed down. The pedestrian zone almost seemed deserted.

Boulevard Vitosha was almost empty in the afternoon. Well, it was Christmas Eve, for Christ’s sake.

At a Lidl supermarket, a security guard told customers they were ready to close at 18:00 hrs. this Christmas eve. So, those who got in there on time were lucky. Everybody still needed something, at the last minute.

Sofia inhabitants who stayed home and noticed the fridge was empty, rushed to Lidl. We purchased kosher pork, toilet paper and soap.

By Imanuel Marcus



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