The saviour of the nation: Borissov might succeed Borissov

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Boyko Borissov, the man who, according to critics, did not have any good reason to trigger yet another political crisis by stepping down, might become the saviour of the nation. From the perspective of critics, he might, to a certain extent, save Bulgaria from the mess he himself had created by stepping down, after his presidential candidate had suffered a big defeat. From the viewpoint of his supporters, Borissov is taking responsibility in a political crisis.

As it transpired yesterday, talks were held, with the goal of forming a new government. The Reformist Bloc took part, a coalition of conservative parties which had been handed a mandate to form a new government by President Rosen Plevneliev. Borissov’s conservative party GERB was part of this as well. So was the Patriotic front, a coalition of ultra-nationalist, xenophobic parties. One of the talking points was this question: Who could head any new government formed by these forces? It looks like Borissov himself is on the top of the list.

Our affiliate The Sofia Globe reports, some Reformist Bloc politicians, who are ministers in the current, outgoing government, might not be part of the next government anymore. Radicals from the Patriotic Front might replace them.

In November 2014, when the current government was formed, the Patriotic Front had agreed to support Borissov’s government in parliament, without holding any cabinet seats. So, this aspect would constitute a big change, which few people at the European Union will like.

In February of 2000, when Austria’s government contained radical right-wingers, comparable to the Patriotic Front in Bulgaria, the country was sanctioned by the E.U..

Since the last Bulgarian government deal was struck in 2014, the Reformist Bloc has fallen apart. Radan Kanev’s Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria have gone into opposition. Also, the socialist breakaway party ABC quit the government. At the same time, the radical, far-right parties of the Patriotic Front seem to have become good friends with their competitors of Ataka. They are now cooperating under the coalition name United Patriots.

The Reformist Bloc was handed the third and last exploratory mandate for the formation of a new government, after the largest parliamentary groups, GERB and the Socialists, had returned their mandates to President Plevneliev.

Borissov, who is still heading his old government, at this stage, had a phone conversation with America’s President Elect Donald J. Trump yesterday. According to a statement from the Bulgarian side, Trump told Borissov that he hoped to meet him in person soon, in order to discuss bilateral co-operation.

During the conversation, they discussed international and domestic politics, not without noting “the excellent partnership between the U.S. and Bulgaria”.

By Imanuel Marcus

In cooperation with The Sofia Globe.






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