Bulgarian Movies: America Keeps on Celebrating “Viktoria”

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What do “Godless”, “Glory” and “Viktoria” have in common? They are all Bulgarian movies which won international awards this year. While all of them are great movies, “Viktoria” was just honoured again, inofficially. Or what do we call it, when a film like this one appears within the top 5 picks in a “Best of 2016” movie list, in a respected American magazine?

The “Viktoria” plot: Boryana does not want to have a child in socialist Bulgaria. While she is dreaming of the West, she gives birth to her daughter Viktoria anyway. The little one is born without umbilical chord and therefore becomes Bulgaria’s Baby of the Decade. But the relationship between mother and daughter lacks closeness. The question is: Will this change, after the regime in Sofia falls, along with communism in the entire region?

In Boston, “Viktoria” was shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, the “Boston Globe” celebrated it as “Bulgarian new wave”. The daily said a few months ago, “at the very least it combines stylistic features of some auteurs from the Eastern European film movements that precede it.”

“Viktoria”, shot in 2014 already, was written and directed by Maya Vitkova. The latest accolade it received: The New Yorker put the movie on the fourth spot of a list entitled “The Best Movies of 2016”. Before, this magazine had written the following: “It’s one of the great recent films by a woman about women, and it casts Vitkova to the forefront of contemporary filmmakers.

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