The Forecast of all Forecasts for Bulgaria: Forecasters Forecast Snow in their Forecasts

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We have fallen for forecast forecasts before, as recently as two weeks ago. But this time they say that snow will definitely be falling down from the sky, due to something called gravity. And because of clouds which are full of it. So it’s snow, in all of Bulgaria, including Varna and Burgas. It will supposedly happen on Tuesday. While the coast will not have to endure more hardships of this kind for a while, according to the forecasters, Sofia will. In the capital, more snow was forecast for Thursday.

Welcome to our big questions and answers section about the forecast of all forecast. Here we go:

Why does rain turn into little ice particles known as snow? Because the sun is further away than it is in summer. Not sure. Is it?

And why do those snow flakes have to hit us? Since we don’t live in southern California.

What in the hell will the temperatures look like? In Sofia, they will supposedly reach -8 degrees Centigrade, starting on Wednesday night, but they will be above the freezing point during the day. At the seaside, it will be somewhat milder, as always.

Why? Because of the warmth stored in the Black Sea, which is miraculously being sucked up into the air? No clue.

When I have four winter tyres stored on my balcony, and I carry two of them to the car, what is my shoe size? It depends on the day of the week and your zodiac.

Will there be a white Christmas? Yes, in Greenland for sure.

And in Bulgaria? Too close to call.

By Imanuel Marcus





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