Driving in Bulgaria: Vignettes for Bad Roads and Increased Fines for Speeding

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In future, drivers in Bulgaria will hopefully think twice, before deviating from the rules or trying to trick the system.

Our affiliate The Sofia Globe reports, the prices for vignettes will remain unchanged in 2017. For a regular passenger car, the fee for an annual vignette is 97 Leva, or the equivalent of about 50 Euro, while the cheapest vignette, the weekly one, is still 15 Leva, or about 8 Euro.

The vignette designs have changed, in order to make fraud harder.

Vignettes are needed on all roads, including the freeways (Brit. English: motorways), such as Trakia Highway from Sofia to Burgas.

Bulgaria’s roads are among the worst in the European Union, but there are pretty good ones too. And drivers pay for all of them, no matter how much they resemble Swiss cheese. More details can be found here.

In the meantime, there are bad news for speeding drivers, which at the same time are good news for law abiding citizens, who want to be secure, when they hit streets or roads: The parliament in Sofia voted to increase speeding fines substantially.

Drivers exceeding the speed limits by 31 to 30 km/h outside urban areas will be fined 300 Leva. More details on the new fines, including the more hefty ones, can be found here.

What tyres in winter are concerned: No official winter tyres are needed in winter (while any sane person would strongly recommend them). According to the Bulgarian law, the tread of any tyres used in winter must be at least 4 mm. For anything less, the fine is 50 Leva.

More details on all aspects mentioned can be found at The Sofia Globe.

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