Bulgarians found private flight ticket exchange startup

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There are more than a million Bulgarians living abroad, spread all over the globe, from the US to Australia, from Norway to Austria. Bulgarians live all over the place. And they will want to come home once in a while, in order to be with their families. So, more than a million Bulgarians abroad will purchase hundreds of thousands of flight tickets a year. But, sometimes people are forced to step back from their flights. That way, a lot of money can be lost.

This is what three Bulgarian expats were thinking about, before they founded the website sparefare.net, a Bulgarian startup company based in the UK. The site, in English and Bulgarian, gives people the opportunity to sell flight tickets they cannot use. The advantage: The person who purchased the tickets will at least not lose the entire amount he or she paid. Whoever purchases the tickets, will most likely save money as well.

The idea to found the site came up when the founders found out that most airlines do change names in their flight reservation systems, for a fee. This is something many passengers or ticket holders do not know about.

People who want to sell one or several flight tickets, have two options. They can either post their offer themselves, for free, or they can have sparefare.net post the tickets for them and deal with everything else, for 10% of the amount they get for the flights.

Anyone can bid on flight tickets. At this moment, when this article was written, lots of flights were offered on sparefare.net. An example: Three tickets from London Gatwick to Cape Town are listed. The buyer can save more than 600 Pounds, compared to the original price. Or how about two flights from Manchester to Sofia? Here, the buyer can save 2 Pounds. From Reykjavik to London, from Los Angeles to Mexico City, flights from anywhere to anywhere can be sold and purchased.

The website also lists the airlines which do offer names changes in their reservation systems. Without that option, the whole concept would not make much sense.



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