German Christmas markets open in November 2016 in Sofia, Plovdiv

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How time flies! We just swam in that sea named after a dark colour, and now Santa Claus is coming to town. Wasn’t he just deported or locked up, after he crossed the border illegally?

Things are definitely getting serious in Plovdiv. The German Christmas Market will start on Saturday, November 26 2016, at Stefan Stambolov Square. Yes, that’s in 10 days from now.

In Sofia, the Christmas alarm is already sounding. At City Garden, behind the Ivan Vazov Theatre, our reporters (we will use the plural form, since it sounds so much better) just met some individuals trying to get the capital’s German Christmas Market into shape. This one will start this Friday, November 18.


Lots of wooden huts were already installed, the central Christmas tree is ready to rumble too. It looks like a “Saturn V” rocket, standing at NASA’s launch site in Cape Canaveral. A total of 427 and a half light bulbs were connected. Let’s get the party started!

A German Christmas market in Bulgaria? Why? It’s a German tradition. These markets, the largest and nicest of which is “Christkindlmarkt” in Nuremberg, look wonderful in the snow. In those wooden huts, potential Christmas presents are being sold, candles, snacks, art work and foremost “Glühwein”, or “glowing wine”. It’s basically hot, red wine, which tastes great and warms us up from the inside.

So, why in Bulgaria? That question was not answered yet. Because it is nice. Period. Lots of people have been organizing it for several years now. The Sofia version has grown and what they have set up so far looks even bigger than what we had last year.

We will have more on the German Christmas Market in Sofia once it starts on Friday.

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