Comment on the U.S. Election: Who is to Blame for this Dangerous Theater Play?

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In 1998, the Republicans, along with special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, were ready to remove William Jefferson Clinton from the White House, because of a sexual relationship with an intern. They were preaching integrity and family values. But now, most of them did not have the guts to stop the sexist narcissist Trump, who wants to “grab them by the p…y” and who is being accused of sexual abuse by several women. This is double standard no. 1. At the same time, Republicans who still support that clueless, dangerous candidate, have taken off their masks and shown what they really care about: They want positions in a Trump administration, rather than an America for all, and hot air, rather than knowledge or at least some wisdom at the Oval Office. They are so true to what they call party principles that they forgot what all of this should be about: America. It’s their fault.

A large part of Christian conservatives, who keep on preaching their version of family values as well, who are so-called “pro life” people and who want the Bible in classrooms, rather than science, are supporting the wrong candidate too. If they actually looked into the question which candidate has more in common with Christian values than the other, they would discover that, even from their twisted point of view, Trump is simply the wrong guy. Like Giuliani, Gingrich and other Trump supporters, they took off their masks, exposing what they really want: A white male at the White House, with the “right” party affiliation, no matter how rude, egocentric, immoral and dangerous he might be. It’s their fault too.

There is also the fraction of cowards. Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House, who was not ready to campaign for Trump or even mention him a lot, at a certain point, and people like him, who do know what is right, but did not act accordingly, are to blame too. They have put America, and the world, at risk, by not fighting the imminent danger. That danger, by the way, extends into their party too, meaning when the Republican party implodes after being defeated tomorrow, they will hopefully have to pack their stuff and leave the D.C.. It is their fault as well.

Part of the American media also belong to those who are to blame for this dangerous theater. Fox News has accused President Obama of everything, except for bad weather. Their attacks were mostly so ridiculous, they would have made most European voters laugh. But they know that in America, where “politics”, to many, is a negative word since it should involve discussion about facts, rather than fiction, they could do what they have been doing for a long time. Their constant Obama bashing mostly deserves one adjective: racist. Their party preference, which they are not even hiding, will even make them support a candidate sane Washington Republicans have already rejected. Yes, it is their fault too.

Ambitious “party animals”, extremists, cowards and media with sick views have created a monster. The only way to stop it is to defeat it at the ballot. This is a more than dangerous gamble. Those who are to blame need to take responsibility. On Wednesday. But they won’t. Not voluntarily.

Update Nov. 9th, 2016: I was wrong about the outcome. But I am not alone.

By Imanuel Marcus

Photo by Imanuel Marcus




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