Vilian Stefanov: Walking 570km on Bulgarian railway lines

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Do you remember Vilian Stefanov? Yeah, he is the guy who crossed Bulgaria by boat and on foot, some two month ago.

Now, he embarked on his next crazy adventure. His aim, this time, is to cross Bulgaria on foot, from west to east. Not only that, but he will be following the train tracks starting in Kalotina, the border town in the west, then walk through Sofia, and all the way to Varna and the Black Sea.

During his 570km journey, he will be pausing at more than 100 railway stations, like a train on two feet.

Vilian spent the last five weeks training his mind and body in the Rhodopean wilderness, disturbing the brown bears and putting his survival skills to the test. He also covered the distance between Samovit railway station and Pleven on foot, which helped him get familiar with the engine drivers, who need to watch out for him on the tracks during the next 30 days.

Although it took him just 25 days to cross the country from south to north, Vilian is certain that one life is not enough to get to know Bulgaria: “Our biggest delusion is that we have plenty of time”, says the adventurer.

His motto: Live your life to the fullest, every single moment. Well, he definitely will have the time to reflect on his purpose in life during those cold fall nights, which he will be spending out in the open. We wish him good luck!

During his previous adventure last summer, Vilian Stefanov walked and used an inflatable kayak. Back then, he provided us with a great set of pictures.



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