Comment: The Assault on Krassimir Kanev is an Attack on Humaneness

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Our affiliate The Sofia Globe and other media reported about an assault on Krassimir Kanev, the chair of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee. Two men punched him in the face and stomach yesterday, in broad daylight, in the center of Sofia.

The words disgusting, shameful and and devious come to my mind in connection with this attack by cowards, who must be mean, dumb and definitely full of hatred. By assaulting Krassimir Kanev, they attacked humaneness in Bulgaria.

In this country, there are not many organizations or people who fight for the rights of the weak, for those who need help most, since they are being left out, rejected, discriminated against, left in slums, jails, refugee camps or whose rights are being ignored and rejected, just because their sexual orientation seems to be different.

Krassimir Kanev is one of the few who have the courage to tell the inconvenient truth about the treatment of minorities in Bulgaria. He is one of the few who demand laws and actions, which are designed to improve things, at least a little.

But few in Bulgaria seem to be interested in the plight of refugees, Roma, homosexuals or other minorities. Politicians have rejected Kanev’s proposals, he and is organization have been threatened more than once.

The attackers have not succeeded in making him back down, or in changing his mind, regarding minorities. But they did succeed in making his voice louder, something they probably did not want to achieve.

Also they have proven, again, that Krassimir Kanev and the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee are absolutely right when they denounce hatred and intolerance. Kanev, the voice for the weak and against hatred, and his organization, are needed more than ever. 

On top of that, by committing that disgusting crime yesterday, the attackers made sure the E.U., the U.S. and the rest of the world were reminded of what is going on in Bulgaria, regarding minorities and hatred towards those who might seem different.

We, everybody who lives in this country, should be ashamed of the attack. And we should listen more, to Krassimir Kanev and brave people like him.

By Imanuel Marcus

Photo, showing Krassimir Kanev, by Imanuel Marcus.

Our recent interview with Krassimir Kanev




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