Thomas Anders: Germany’s Schlager Star in Sofia

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Thomas Anders is one of the most famous people in Germany. He can not just pick up a friend at central station or purchase tobacco products at the next convenient store. Well, he can, but he will be stopped at least twice per minute. “Are you Thomas Anders?” is probably the top question, even though it is not the most intelligent one his millions of fans could ask. “No, I’m Kim Jong-Un” would probably be the best answer.

Thomas Anders has accomplished a lot. At age 25, he had sold 120 million albums. That is twice the number of inhabitants Western Germany had, back then, during the times of the Iron Curtain, the times of two Germanys, the times of Modern Talking. Yes, Anders is one of the most successful German musicians ever.

He grew up in Münstermaifeld, a town hardly anyone ever heard of. In school, he already sang Schlager, the German equivalent of Chalga songs. And he won prizes at an early age.

His first record, released in 1980, did not exactly sell well. He hit the university and studied three subjects at once, including music. It was 1982, when he teamed up with a producer by the name of Dieter Bohlen. That cooperation would seal his success. It would take two years, until Bohlen started a Disco Schlager project called Modern Talking. Both of them sang. Anders usually had a keyboard hanging down from a strap, around his neck.

Modern Talking created something like an explosion. Millions loved their approach and their huge hits. There was no stopping that duet. But, that act was not only loved, but also hated. In an article, the publication “Musikexpress” called Anders something like an “artificially sun-tanned, singing prick, a lap dog on the golden chain of his wife Nora”. That magazine lost in court and had to pay a huge fine. First of all, they had printed an insult. Secondly, they might not have liked Schlager, like quite a few others too, but his success proved Thomas Anders right.

In 1987, it was over, for a while. Anders moved to the U.S.. But eleven years later, they revived the Modern Talking hype.

Later, he started recording songs in English and Spanish, again with considerable success. In Argentina, he reached the very top of the charts. Que bien! His Spanish album was even released in the United States.

Thomas Anders is still sticking to the genre Modern Talking was known for: Schlager and Pop mixed with beats. His very recognizable, high voice makes many of his tunes sound like the hits released back then, such as “Cheri Cheri Lady” or “Geronimo’s Cadillac”, the latter of which was once dissected on German radio, from a scientific point of view, in a very funny way. The fact of the matter is: Music professors do not listen to Modern Talking or Thomas Anders. His music transports moods and memories to many, rather than expensive arrangements. But, as mentioned before, critics were proven wrong, since he was and still is more successful than all of them combined.

Thomas Anders and his band will be performing in Sofia, on December 14th, 2016, at 8:00 p.m., at hall no. 1 of the National Palace of Culture.

Yes, tickets are available here.

By Imanuel Marcus

Thomas Anders, one of the most successful German musicians ever.

Thomas Anders, one of the most successful German musicians ever.

Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen were Modern Talking, back then in the days. Picture source: Youtube.

Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen were Modern Talking, back then in the days. Picture source: Youtube.



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