Forgotten Liyutenitsa: A380 is Coming Back to Sofia

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It happens to all of us. We are in a hurry, we do not concentrate, and we forget the most important item at home. That is what happened to the captain of the Lufthansa Airbus A380, which came to Sofia on Sunday. Mario Bakalov, the only Bulgarian A380 pilot Lufthansa employs, received two jars of Liyutenitsa from his aunt, after he had parked his aircraft at Sofia Airport. His problem: He left those two jars at the Lufthansa staff room, inside Terminal 2.

As it turns out, Bakalov noticed the issue on the way back to Frankfurt, while the huge plane was cruising at 890 km/h. He stopped the Airbus at an altitude of exactly 32,204 feet, above the Serbian town of Novi Sad. Since then, the entire crew and all 312 passengers have been searching the plane. They even checked the “love nest” compartment for crew members. After they failed to find the Liyutenitsa, Bakalov decided to return to Sofia. The A380 is expected at Sofia Airport at midnight, since Lufthansa’s Flight Command Center ordered the crew to search the plane again, before they go back.

Inhabitants of Novi Sad were surprised to see that big aircraft standing in the sky for so long. Convenience store owner Ratko Vasic told Foreigners & Friends Magazine, he had never seen anything like it. “That thing just won’t move. I checked back at 3 a.m.. He was still standing up there. Holy cow!”

Lufthansa spokesman Ivaylo Samuletov said in Sofia: “Yes, he is coming back. We just found those Liyutenitsa jars behind the bar, in the staff room.” Samuletov stated, he was glad the problem was noticed early in the flight: “Imagine he had noticed it back home in Frankfurt. That would have been a real tragedy.”

At Sofia Municipality, the good news did not exactly cause excitement. “That mishap will cause new traffic jams at Botevgradsko Chaussee”, said spokeswoman Desislava Liyutenova. “Liyutenitsa! Are they nuts? I will personally go to the airport and tell those sons of bitches that they should not do this ever again.”

Because of the Liyutenitsa issue, two of Lufthansa’s A380 flights from Frankfurt to Pyongyang had to be cancelled.

In the meantime, Lufthansa might send a freighter to Sofia, in order to pick up more Liyutenitsa. The Boeing 747-8f (yes, f, as in freighter) can transport 1.2 million jars of 250 grams each.




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