In human trafficking trial in Germany, accused and victim both Bulgarian

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We all know there is human trafficking, which is basically modern day slavery. In most cases it has to do with “commercial sexual exploitation”, meaning the terrible crime is to force someone into prostitution. Not only does it take a lot of criminal energy to do so. The perpetrator can not have a conscience or empathy at all, which makes him a dangerous psychopath.

Hearing about the existence of human trafficking cases is one thing. Getting to know some of the details another.

In the German town of Detmold, the first trial day in a case of this kind had to be postponed on Friday, since the victim, a 20-year-old Bulgarian woman, who is back in her Bulgarian home town, did not show at the court. The perpetrator, a 29-year-old Bulgarian, is in custody in Germany.

The charges against him are almost too terrible to mention. The prosecutor, Björn Heidberg, says, the accused had been a pimp for a while. In April of 2015, he supposedly invited the victim, who was only 19 years old the time, to a café in her hometown. Then he suddenly dragged her into his car and drove her to Germany.

According to the indictment, his destination was a brothel in Augustdorf, called the “Parisader Bar”. There, she was forced into prostitution. Heidberg said, for sex with a condom, she was forced to charge 50 Euro, and without any condom 100 Euro. According to the prosecution, the accused kept all of the money.

German media reported, the victim, who was part of the Bulgarian Roma minority, was threatened and beaten badly. Once, the accused had hit her on the head with a beer bottle, and on her back, using and iron bar. The lady herself told the authorities, the culprit had raped her on a daily basis, and forced her to have sex with three to five customers per day.

Later, the accused supposedly sold her to another Bulgarian citizen in the town of Göttingen, for 800 Euro, where she was going to be forced to work as a prostitute as well. But that did not happen, since the young woman managed to flee into a gas station, from where she was able to contact the police. In German newspapers, her lawyer was quoted as saying the Bulgarian lady had wanted to get home as fast as possible, since her child was waiting there.

At the court, the accused refrained from making any statements.

The judge in this case about a disgusting crime now intends to try to get the victim to come to Germany again, as a witness. In case that attempt is not successful, she might be questioned by a judge and her statement might then be read at the court.

Of course, this is only one of countless cases of this kind. The fact that human trafficking still exists, is shocking and absolutely unacceptable. While we are reading or writing these lines, many women, including Bulgarians, are still being forced into prostitution.

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