“Newsweek”: New Backlash Against Muslims in Bulgaria

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Aishe Emin is part of the Bulgarian Pomak Muslim community and a student at Sofia University. She wears a hijab. Her husband, who is part of the same Bulgarian minority, has a beard and prays on a regular basis. Aishe and others have complained about a new backlash against Muslims. Fellow students consider her husband radical, for practicing his religion.

In a Newsweek article it says accurately, most politicians in Europe had condemned the rise in Islamophobia, but right-wing parties had fueled the fear and hatred. The publication goes on saying, Bulgaria’s right-wing party Patriotic Front, had introduced laws that critics say would make discrimination against Muslims part of the country’s legal code.

Newsweek cites the latest so-called Burqa Ban, which prevents women with veils to even partially cover their faces. It goes on to say the following: “If Bulgarian lawmakers approve the rest of the vaguely worded legislation, foreign citizens would not be permitted to deliver religious sermons; foreign funding for all religious denominations would be suspended; it would be mandatory to use the Bulgarian language during all religious services; and “radical Islam” would be considered against the law, among other things.”

According to Newsweek, there is not one known case of a Bulgarian Muslim joining any Middle Eastern extremist group. “But that has not stopped the country’s right-wing politicians from advancing one of Europe’s most anti-Muslim agendas”, the publication writes.

The full Newsweek article can be found here.

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