Coming Up in Sofia: That White Stuff on the Ground

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All those skiing heroes, such as Lancelot Nelson of our partner site Bansko Blog, or Strahil Georgiev, who has contributed lots of great photos to this site, and who is a skiing master too, can’t wait for the first snow to fall. Well, that’s more than fine, as long as it happens in Bansko or somewhere in the Rila mountains.

In Sofia, things are different. There is one group of inhabitants with a short memory span. They are called Sofia Municipality. Every time the first snow falls, they are “so surprised”, the consequences of which can be seen and felt on the streets. It usually takes a day or two, until City Hall comprehends what needs to be done when snow and ice hit the streets. Looking back, this is not limited to those who run the municipality today.

Yes, snow is “atmospheric water vapour frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer”. Yes, it does happen here too. And yes, if there is no salt on streets and sidewalks, cars and people will slip and fall or crash. Pirogov Hospital is a lot busier with snow and ice. The sooner the city gets ready to spread around salt and sand, the better.

It must have been the winter of 2012, when the downpour would just not stop and when thick layers of ice had Sofia under their grip. Just getting out of a parking spot was a mission impossible. Waiting at the bus stop, at 7:30 a.m. and minus 20 degrees, felt “pretty damn good” too. There are people who do prefer north-western European winters, during which new snow usually disappears after five minutes, due to the mild air coming from the Atlantic Ocean or the North Sea.

Winter in Sofia? It would be better to be in Southern California during that time. But, there is one thing even non-skiers in Bulgaria are looking forward to: Hitting jacuzzis or pools filled with hot spring water in Velingrad, Belchin or anywhere. What a great feeling.

What does not feel so good, is to wait in line at a tire service stop, in order to have winter tires installed. So, changing the tires right now probably makes sense.

Regarding Sofia, which is chaotic enough anyway, with all the construction and stuff, let’s hope City Hall will react to the white stuff pretty much immediately. Well, if they get caught surprised again, creating a chaos, at least there will be a nice article on the white mess.

By Imanuel Marcus
Photo by Imanuel Marcus



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