The Black Sea: Shrinking body parts at 23 degrees

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Just a month ago, many of us were jumping into the waves at Bourgas Beach, Irakli, Sinemorets, Kiten and elsewhere. It was good and even necessary to cool down. Now, we would need diving suits to make it work, or some of our body parts would shrink substantially.

To northern Europeans, water temperatures of 23 degrees (yes, Celsius, or we would be in Antarctica, if it was Fahrenheit) are actually normal. That is what the North Sea delivers in August, which is why people would rather stay away, and go to Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece or Italy instead.


Berthold Kynast, who shot these pictures today, at Bourgas Beach, is courageous. He actually tried hitting the waves. And he said it was quite windy down there.

So, it seems that’s it for the next eight months. Those vacated beaches are now reserved for joggers, love birds walking hand in hand, and book authors trying to cure their writer’s block while staring at the sea, like Hemingway did at Varadero Beach.

Oh, you need proper information about Bulgarian beaches? Please try this.



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