Deputy minister: Refugee hostels to be moved out of Sofia

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Bulgaria’s Deputy Interior Minister Philip Gunev has said his country could accept only 3000 more refugees. Two days earlier, the Bulgarian press had reported the refugee camps were filled to a capacity of 93 per cent so far.

In an interview with Bulgarian National Television, Gunev said that Bulgaria wanted an additional five million euro from the European Commission in order to move all three refugee hostels out of Sofia. He said this step had become necessary, since inhabitants had protested against those refugee homes several times in the past weeks. “The tensions are not bearable anymore,” Gunev said.

European observers do not believe these statements will convince anyone in Brussels.

According to data from different sources, a total of 10,000 refugees are present in Bulgaria, at this stage.

Before the so-called E.U. Turkey Deal was struck, most refugees avoided Bulgaria, due to reports of abuse. Those reports are still coming in, but, from the perspective of many refugees, the route Turkey – Bulgaria – Romania – Hungary is the only way leading to Western Europe these days.

Recently, at least two Iraqi refugees, among them a small child, drowned during an attempt to cross the Danube from Bulgaria into Romania.

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