Black Sea exploration: Hundreds of sunken ships on the seabed

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We may be able to find the genome, to send humans to a big ball made of Swiss cheese. We ride carriages without horses, we stare at window-like objects while watching Wolf Blitzer talk, who is 8,000 kilometers away, on a new continent we have discovered. We swallow little capsules in order to sneeze less, and we board metal tubes with fixed wings, which will take us to see oceans we do not know about at all.

That is the point. Space might be the final frontier, but so is the Black Sea. During the preparations for the South Stream project alone, 137 sunken ships were discovered on the ground. This means, there are hundreds, if not thousands more.

In an interview with Bulgarian National Televison (BNT), the exploration diver Michail Zaimov said, if the entire Black Sea was examined, we would find a huge museum and collect impressive data. He added there actually was an exploration project conducted by the Center for Underwater Archaeology in Sozopol, in cooperation with Southampton University. According to Zaimov, the latter concentrates on the southern Black Sea. Next year, the first results are expected.

So, we may not know why our Nutella sandwich always falls on the Nutella side when we drop it, or why tram no. 22 always just left once we get to the stop, but we will know what kind of vessels sank in the Black Sea, when it happened and why.



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