In Sofia and Ruse: Toto Tribute Performed by Bulgarian Masters

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Hold the line. Love may not always be on time. But this tribute will be. Some of the greatest hits of one of the most recognizable Rock bands on this planet will be performed at Sofia’s Joystation venue on October 14th, 2016 at 21:45 hrs.. The Ruse gig, at Bulstrad Arena, will follow on November 10th, 2016, at 19:30 hrs..

The Toto Tribute Band consists of the best Pop musicians in this country, some of them being brilliant Jazz and Funk performers too. Genius composer, arranger and pianist Yassen Velchev will be on stage, along with seven more performers. Darin Vassilev basically is the best rhythm guitarist in Bulgaria, Slavin Slavchev, Preslava Peycheva and Nora Karayvanova will be delivering the vocals, Ivaylo Zvedemirov is one of the most versatile slap bass heroes in Bulgaria, Bisser Ivanov is the second brilliant guitarist on stage and Stoyan Yankulov is a drumming genius, who does it all, from Jazz and Ethno to Rock, like in this case.

This same band has actually performed with the original Toto vocalist, Bobby Kimball, two years ago in Sofia. So, in a way, they are Toto. Yes, in a way.

The audience can expect to hear Toto classics such as “Hold the Line”, their first hit from their first album, “Girl Goodbye”, definitely “Georgy Porgy”, their “Child’s Anthem” and many hits they recorded later, such as “Africa”.

Toto, the original, has had a huge influence on today’s Pop and Rock music. Their compositions, especially on their first four albums, were unbeatable. The same applies to their arrangements. With “Hydra”, they delivered a Rock tune, which was just as iconic as it was symphonic. Sophisticated ballads, such as “Takin’ It Back” will never be forgotten. Or, how about “You Are the Flower”? The band also had a living rhythm machine by the name of Jeff Porcaro, who was one of the most brilliant Pop, Rock and Funk drummers ever, and who suddenly died in 1992, at a very young age.

Toto also elevated other acts, by composing and playing for them. The best example for the latter is Boz Scaggs.

Tribute bands used to be frowned upon in Bulgaria, just a decade ago. Today they are fashionable. But, what we have here is not just any Tribute band, but the “creme de la creme” of Bulgarian musicians. They will raise the roof of any venue they enter. Take our word for it.

By Imanuel Marcus



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