Quality tourism in Bulgaria: Huge hotel projects on their way

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The tourist numbers are looking good for Bulgaria. There is a 14.7 per cent increase in the number of foreign travellers hitting Bulgarian turf in July of 2016. Of those foreign nationals, 58 per cent came to this country as tourists. Thanks to what Bulgaria’s tourist sites have to offer, including the beaches, but also due to the shaky situation in Turkey and the fear of terrorist attacks in Egypt, this increase was registered.

Not only is the government spending millions in order to promote Bulgaria as a tourist destination. It seems that private investors are ready to get to work too. According to the publication tophotel.de in Germany, five large hotels are being built.

An InterContinental Hotel, with 182 rooms and suites, will be inaugurated in Sofia, at the end of 2017. The Grand Hotel will be renovated thoroughly, according to the information. On top of that, a Holiday Inn Hotel with 67 rooms is about to open in Plovdiv.

As if all of this wasn’t more than enough already, a new Hyatt Regency with 190 rooms will be opened in the center of Sofia, in 2018. That hotel project might be implemented at Pametnika Levski, as the picture at the top of this page suggests. There is even more: A Swissotel with 207 rooms and suites as well as 76 serviced apartments will be ready within two years. This sounds like there will be some kind of a hotel overkill.

Yet another classy hotel will supposedly be built in southern Bulgaria, at the Greek border. No, it will not be for Syrian refugees.



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