Polish Apples: A Danger to Bulgarian Apple Farmers

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Truckloads of old Polish apples are hitting the Bulgarian market. Mostly picked in 2015, the are being sold to us consumers in supermarkets located in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and all over the place. We like those apples, it seems. The problem? One a day will not just keep the doctor away, but also Bulgarian apple farmers.

The apples from Poland are usually being sold on the huge Russian market. Due to the embargo, that does not work anymore. Poland picks lots of apples. They have to be sold somewhere. So, the Bulgarian market is being flooded with old, cheap, but still delicious apples. According to Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), the apples are being imported at a price of 6 cents per kilo. Then we buy them for a much higher price. The retail chains make a lot of money, but Bulgarian farmers do not.

On BNR, apple farmers complained, they were not able to compete at this price level. Some fear they might be bankrupt soon, while their Polish colleagues received high subsidies and were therefore able to sell their apples at these ultra-low prices.

A while ago, a campaign in Poland encouraged inhabitants there to eat lots of Polish apples, in order to save the Polish apple farmers. Now, it seems, the Bulgarian apple farmers are the ones who need to be saved.

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One Comment on "Polish Apples: A Danger to Bulgarian Apple Farmers"

  1. Chapmans Bulgaria September 1, 2016 at 9:14 AM · Reply

    Strudel anyone? Apples that have been sitting around for so long are not good for you. They are kept in large rooms in a bathed in chemicals that will kill anyone that breaths that shit. The end result is an apple that looks like the original but the only thing left in the apple are sugars. So this is a good reason in itself to boycott any apple that didn’t come straight from the tree or Bulgarian farmer!

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