UK expat saves community centre in Veliko Turnovo village

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Tim Clinch is a British expat in Bulgaria, and an excellent photographer. Ten years ago, he purchased a house in the village of Mindya, located close to Veliko Tarnovo.

Clinch has just started a fundraising compaign for that village. He wants to help save the local community centre, the renovation of which will cost up to 40 000 leva, according to the mayor. His idea: A travelling photo exhibition, which is supposed to promote the beauty of the village. For this project, he spent months taking pictures of the houses in Mindya, as well as the inhabitants.

The entire village is behind the project which this British expat started.

The entire villages hopes the exhibition will generate enough money to get the necessary renovations done.

On Bulgarian National Television (BNT), clinch said, the participation in this project was “fantastic”. To him, it was a good experience, since the job had allowed him to approach inhabitants, to understand their lifestyle and to get into their houses.

Mindya’s mayor, Tsvetanka Ivanova, said in BNT’s report, taking photographs for a charity was a wonderful idea.

Other British expats, who live in the same village, promised to help as well. The charity exhibition is supposed to be shown in Veliko Turnovo and Sofia soon.

(Screenshot via BNT)



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