Hitchhiking race: First German team reaches Bulgaria

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A hitchhiking race from Germany to Bulgaria is about to end. The first of six teams reached the village of Tsigov Chark, in the Rila mountain range, right next to Lake Batak. The winners messaged the other teams via the event’s website, saying “Come down here fast. We need you to help us remove language barriers”.

In this hitchhiking race, it is not all about speed, but rather collecting points, which are given out for mastering challenges. After each hitchhiking day, participants had one day off, in order to relax and get to know new surroundings.

The six teams had left Germany on August 19th, taking different routes towards Bulgaria.

The hitchhiking racers seem to be a fun bunch of people.

On their website it says, their goal Tsigov Chark, that Bulgarian village, “might be located at the arse of the world, but it is a pretty hot arse”. Nobody has contradicted that thesis so far.

This is not the first hitchhiking race. This organization started doing this in 2008. There is also a Dutch organization, which did a similar race to Bulgaria, two years ago.

The German organizers say they know the political situation in south-eastern Europe might not be perfect right now. They believe their hitchhiking race might be seen as a “demonstration for freedom of travel and against borders”.



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