Refugee Update: Input From a Smuggler in Sofia

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The refugee crisis is far from over and there is no end in sight, since the situation in the countries of origin is not improving, and because of the developing tension at the borders between Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. According to international media reports, the Greek government is saying, more than 40,000 refugees in the country wanted to go to western Europe now. Thousands more, who will likely want to move north-west as well, are on their way to Greece.

The German TV channel Deutsche Welle just released a report on its website, in which reporters quote a smuggler, in Sofia, on how he gets refugees across the border. According to his statements, refugees are being driven from Sofia to the Serbian border. From there, they walk into Serbia, guided by someone with a GPS device. The smuggler makes a lot of money per day, while the police does not seem to be interested in stopping him, or many of his colleagues.

In that same report by Deutsche Welle it says, Bulgaria was the cheapest way to Germany or France, dream destinations of a majority of the refugees. But many are stuck in Bulgaria, a country a huge minority does not want to stay in, since they do not have the money to pay the smugglers.

In a related development, Austrian radio and television are reporting, 100 Frontex officers were on their way to Bulgaria right now. The government in Sofia had requested them some three weeks ago. The Frontex guards are supposed to help secure the Bulgarian borders to Turkey and Serbia.

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Symbolic picture: Refugees in Croatia, in September of 2015. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.
Symbolic picture: Refugees in Croatia, in September of 2015. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.




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