Sofia Tram Line 22: Shiny New Tram Added

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The Sofia Urban Mobility Center has added a refurbished tram to line no. 22. This move has increased passenger satisfaction substantially, at least for those lucky enough to ride on that tram, painted in red. This morning, it felt a lot less shaky. A smooth ride!

Until recently, all trams on this line were slow, shaky, loud and dirty. Those ancient ones feel like they will fall apart at any moment, e.g. on Blvd. Dondunkov, which features twisted tracks. The latest addition is far better. It is a difference like day and night.

The red tram on line 22 does not stink, as opposed to the old ones. At least not yet.

Public transport in Bulgaria’s capital has countless problems, but things are improving, step by step.

In Sofia, a total of 535 buses are operational. Some of them are driving scrapheaps, which spit out huge Diesel clouds, in this dirtiest capital in the European Union. But the Mobility Center has purchased quite a few new ones in the past two years. Those are decreasing Diesel particles in the air, which are harmful, especially to children.

Also, there are 93 trolleybuses and 156 trams. On tram lines 5 and 7, the trams in use are relatively new, or at least refurbished.

By Imanuel Marcus

What a beauty, at least in comparison. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.
What a beauty, at least in comparison. Photo by Imanuel Marcus.
Wow! Faster than a fighter jet!
Wow! Faster than a fighter jet!



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