Retro Museum in Varna: Nostalgia Instead of Historical Analysis

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The Retro Museum, located in Varna’s “Grand Mall”, next to the Tsentralen Grobishten Park, is an interesting place. It is glorifying Bulgaria’s difficult, more recent past. And, in this case, that may be legitimate.

Even though Marx and Engels physiques are being presented, as well as historical Bulgarian figures, this museum is mainly about vehicles and other objects people used, or were forced to use, due to a lack of alternatives, until 1989. While those items were being used by millions of Bulgarians, others were incarcerated, just for voicing their opinion, or for trying to leave the country. But again, the Retro Museum is about nostalgia and remembering times, on a less historical or political, but more personal level.

Outfitted with the appropriate red carpets, the visitor will run into very well kept Skoda, Wartburg and even Tatra models of that era. Further down, it’s Lada and Moskvitch. In between, there are Russian and Bulgarian made toys and assembly kits for model cars. Interestingly enough, those include western models, such as a BMW 633CSI.

Younger Bulgarians, who were not even conceived in 1989, might be very interested too. To them, this might not be about nostalgia, but about diving into the world their parents knew, back then, when wrong was right, but when people still lived lives they want to remember. And, yes, they will run into a small amount of political history too, since some plates with socialist propaganda were hung up on the museum walls.

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