Germans in hitchhiking ‘race’ to Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains

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They started hitchhiking at different locations in Germany, on Friday. At this very moment, as many as 140 young people from Germany are en route to a tiny village called Tsigov Chark, located in the Rila mountain range, right next to the Batak Lake.

The hitchhiking race is not entirely about speed. The participants are travelling in small groups, on different routes. After one travelling day, they will always have a day off, during which they will relax and look around, wherever they are. The aim is to see different places in different countries, and to collect points.

On the organizer’s website it says, that Bulgarian village “may be located at the arse of the world, but it is a pretty hot arse”. Well, it probably is. They have organized accomodations, at the starting points in Germany, as well as in Tsigov Chark. The participants will have to look for beds, or alternative sleeping places themselves, while they are en route.

This is not the first hitchhiking race. This organization started doing this in 2008. There is also a Dutch organization, which did a similar race to Bulgaria, two years ago.

The German organizers say they know the political situation in south-eastern Europe might not be perfect right now. They believe their hitchhiking race might be seen as a “demonstration for freedom of travel and against borders”.



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