Missing in Varna: It has been two years

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People disappear. At one moment they are there, at the next, they are not. The case of Lars Mittank, who disappeared in Varna two years ago, is a mystery, which still keeps the police busy, in both Bulgaria and Germany.

On June 30 2014, Lars Mittank, a 28-year-old from Northern Germany, jumps on a plane with a few friends, in order to spend a week in Golden Sands, a Bulgarian Black Sea resort, the name of which already sounds like paradise. Wide beaches, cool sea water, kind people. That is exactly what Lars must have wanted, when his plane touched down on the only runway at Varna Airport, after a two-hour flight. That same airport would be the location of his disappearance, only a week later. Who would expect anything like this to happen?

Lars and his friends spend some nice days at the beach. At one point, shortly before they were to fly home, he, as a Werder Bremen fan, gets into a brawl with a Bayern München fan. Both are German soccer clubs. The German youngster suffers an eardrum rupture. The one aspect, which will lead to an international missing person drama is the fact that the doctor, who treats Lars, prohibits any flights, because of his condition. The air pressure on aircraft flying above 20 000 feet is so high, it will cause a lot of pain to anyone with this kind of injury.

On July 7 2014, his friends board a flight back to Germany, while he stays in Varna. A taxi driver takes him to a cheap place to spend the night. Too cheap, as it turns out. In the middle of the night, Lars calls his mother in Germany, saying he does not feel safe at the hotel he had intended to stay in. It is still dark, while Lars somehow makes it to Varna Airport. His plan: He wants to get checked by another doctor, hoping to get permission to fly home.

What happens then, is hard to explain. At the medical practice, inside the airport, Lars obviously panics. All of a sudden, he runs out of the room, leaving back his cell phone, passport and luggage. He leaves the terminal, climbs a fence and disappears. Nobody has seen Lark Mittank since.

His mother, Sandra Mittank, came to Bulgaria several times since it happened. She was interviewed by Bulgarian media and spoke to the police. Shortly after, she hired a private investigator, who tried to reconstruct the events leading to Lars’ disappearance. Police, in both countries involved, have not managed to find Lars or to just find a credible witness who saw him after the dramatic scene at Varna Airport. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Today, more than two years later, Sandra Mittank receives e-mails by obscure bounty hunters, saying they did not have any problem “using violence” in order to make people talk. The Mittank family has tendered a reward of 40 000 euro for clues, which would prove Lars is still alive.

Facebook page “Findet Lars Mittank” (“Find Lars Mittank”)



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