Superstitions in Bulgaria: Beware of the Evil Forces

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In many countries, you should not cross the path of a black cat. On Friday the 13th of any month, you should definitely be extra careful. If that month is September, you better stay under your blanket, until sunrise, on the 14th. The worst thing anyone can do is to break a mirror, since that means seven years of bad luck.

In some countries, it is bad luck to get out of bed with your left foot first. In Bulgaria, a variation of that superstition applies: The first step should be taken with your right foot when you leave your house. Otherwise? Well, you will see. An entire day of bad luck. It won’t be a good experience. Take my word for it.

How are you today? Is your hand itchy? You better make sure it’s your left hand. That’s because, according to a Bulgarian superstition, you will have to pay if and when your right hand is itching. If it is the left one, you will receive ca$h. Maybe truckloads of that stuff.

Bulgarians used to believe, maybe they still do, that someone is talking about you, when you sneeze. It could be a tax investigator, Santa Clause, Donald J. Trump, Jane Fonda or the hot neighbour you have been staring at. It is someone, that’s for sure. And if your right ear is itchy, they are saying nice things about you. In case it’s your left ear, those comments will definitely not be too polite.

Today is not the 13th, but the 5th of August. Not bad. No black cat is in sight either. My left leg is itchy. And my back, which I will scratch right now, with a fork. Does that qualify?

By Imanuel Marcus



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