Internet Connections in Bulgaria: Faster than Speedy Gonzalez

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Some things work very well in Bulgaria. One of them is the internet.

Fifteen years ago, connections in Sofia would fail every other hour. The outages would sometimes take days. It was nerve-wracking. Calling the provider would not help. Neither would going there, to complain. Those good, old days. What a pain in the neck.

The present is looking a lot brighter. Connections in Bulgaria are faster than a Cayenne Turbo S, faster than an F-22A Raptor, faster than the speed of sound and light combined.

Let’s look at the facts: Slow. Slower. Germany and Britain. With E.U. funding, those countries are extending “superfast broadband”, e.g. in England. By the end of 2017, 95% of the country will supposedly be fast. The issue: This will not affect urban areas, but rather the countryside. Have you ever seen a deer or fox browsing youtube channels?

In Germany, internet service providers have been decreasing connection speeds artificially. One of the reasons: They want to sell faster services to customers who are willing to pay more. Also, many Germans are complaining, since their connections do not even reach the speeds they are paying for. Politicians have demanded fines for those companies, unless they live up to their promises.

Looking at connection speeds on a global level, Hong Kong is the undisputed world champion, with a whooping 54.1 megabits. Holy cow! The next candidates are South Korea, Japan and Lativia. Now hold on to your hats: Our northern neighbour Romania still comes up with 37.4 megabits per second. That is “pretty damn fast”, as the Americans would say. Then: Belgium and Switzerland. It seems like those connections have less holes than Appenzeller cheese. Let’s pretend to be impressed, while envying them in secrecy.

Time for the highlight of this post: 32.1 Megabits per second! That is how fast Bulgaria is. Yes! This country is on the 8th place in the world! Our speeds are so fast, this post was uploaded before it was even written. Downloading a photo of 5 megabytes takes milliseconds – in theory.

No complaints here. Let’s start a broadband orgy right now, by downloading all 64 Alfred Hitchcock movies.

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