Bad Advice for New Expats: Do Not Read

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Some posts in online publications are unnecessary. This applies to a piece the “Huffington Post” has published recently, entitled “9 Things I Wish I Had Told Myself Before Moving Abroad”. The first advice is one of the more valuable ones: It says, the baggage you packed before moving was “DEFINITELY coming with you, so hope you packed light”. Let’s take a moment to dissect this compressed wisdom. First of all, CAPS only convince the author, not the reader. Secondly, tourists pack light, while anyone intending to become an expat would DEFINITELY pack heavy.

Also, the writer is suggesting, my family and friends will miss me. Well, what if I am a jerk? Guess what: They have the answer to that too. So, if I am a jerk, they will not miss me. Fair enough and understood.

Let’s just mention one more advice, since I had trouble comprehending the rest of them: They say “managing your money by ignoring your bank account is a bad idea in any country, but especially in a foreign one”. O.k., but how is anyone supposed to manage their money without using an account? Maybe like Pablo Escobar, who buried a lot of his drug cash? Does that approach qualify as managing money? Or by storing it in the freezer?

Our advice is the following:

1. Pack heavy. You’re an expat, for Christ’s sake.

2. Do not read unnecessary posts, including this one.

3. Do not click this link, since it would take you to the original “story”.

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