“Sofia in Details”: As if Dennis Hopper was Here

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Lots of truly brilliant pictures, from the Rhodopes, from Albena, Sinemorets, Sofia and elsewhere can be found on this site, whether they are part of our “Shot of the Day” or a post on a specific photographer. There are many very gifted people out there, as we all know.

But, when we bumped into the “Sofia in Details” page on Facebook, we noticed a very different, fascinating style, demonstrated in truck loads of pictures from Sofia. The name of that page was chosen wisely, because they are indeed looking at details through their lenses. When they go out to shoot, a tiny flower on a window sill will suddenly become the most beautiful plant on Earth. Two elderly ladies walking through a park will become supermodels. An old chopper owned by someone who thinks he is Dennis Hopper will look like it was built yesterday, and signed by Peter Fonda, with Steppenwolf playing in the background.

An apartment building, not exactly the prettiest one ever, standing right above the ugly NDK tunnel, close to “Pete Kucheta”, will look like the most valuable architectual marvel in Venice. An old, dirty, loud tram, painted in the ugliest orange tone ever, will be beautiful too, when they shoot it.

Details. An eye. Professionalism. Approach. Those are the ingredients. We tried to find out who is behind “Sofia in Details”, but they did not answer so far. We do not blame them, since they must be out there, shooting stuff and turning it into beauty. Five words: Check out Sofia in Details.

Photo at top of the page by Sofia in Details.



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