Health corner: Rel­ief from winter eye irritation

We may find that the advent of this windy, cold, dry season can dehydrate us in various ways. The harsh weather can lead to chapped lips and the development of tender, rashlike patches of dry skin on our knuckles and other areas. Though we may not give it much thought, our eyes can also become dehydrated very easily, leading to irritation and discomfort.
Even when we are finally shielded from the harsh winds, the comfort of warm enclosed spaces does not always help with restoring the moisture lost. With heating units turned up at work, at home or even in the car, the air’s natural humidity can disappear completely, irritating your eyes.
Staring at computers, television sets and tablets for extended periods is a great contributor to dry eyes, because while we focus on these devices we have a tendency to blink less. The combination of windy weather, dry heating and frequent use of monitors creates the perfect environment for the most common ocular problem in the world: dry eye syndrome.


The most typical symptom of this is the horribly irritating feeling of having a speck of dust, or an eyelash, in your eye, accompanied by the unpleasant burning, stinging sensation that is not relieved by frequent blinking. Vision may become blurry and the eyes may become sensitive to light.

Restoring comfort and relief

There are several ways to hydrate dry eyes.

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