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One of two Russian APCs captured by Ukrainian soldiers near Luhansk
August 21, 2014, by The Kyiv Post

Ukraine received new evidence of Russian soldiers fighting on its territory when the army captured two armored personnel vehicles on August 20, which carried many valuable – and incriminating – […]

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Amid defiant Russian sanctions, serious doubts about economic future

August 21, 2014, by VOANews

This is the season of economic discontent in Russia, with Moscow and the West tit-for-tatting sanctions in response to the ongoing Russian-backed insu ...

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Europe’s food industry looks to compensate for Russian embargo

August 20, 2014, by Lisa Bryant of VOANews

The European Commission is taking exceptional measures to help fruit and vegetable growers reeling from a new Russian embargo against selected food im ...

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Ukrainian troops reclaim key eastern town

August 20, 2014, by VOANews

Ukraine says it has reclaimed control of a key city in the east, where rebels and government troops are battling for territory. Ukraine’s nation ...

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    Leaders of EU, Russia, Ukraine to meet in Minsk
    August 19, 2014, by VOANews

    The leaders of the European Union, Ukraine and Russia will meet in Minsk, Belarus, on August 26 to discuss energy security and the conflict in east Ukraine, Ukraine’s president Petro […]

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    Russia says agreement reached on aid to Ukraine
    August 18, 2014, by VOANews

    Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says his country has resolved the issues it has had with sending humanitarian aid into Ukraine, but said Monday in Berlin that no progress has […]

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    Ukraine military reinforces positions reclaimed from rebels
    August 17, 2014, by VOANews

    Ukrainian soldiers are reinforcing positions in areas recently reclaimed from pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. With the help of high-tech gadgetry and brute force, government officers say they have claimed […]