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May 22, 2015, by Independent Balkan News Agency

Foreign ministers from four Eastern European countries – Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania – signed a memorandum on cooperation in connecting national gas transmission networks, developing gas interconnections and securing […]

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Night Wolves reach Bratislava

May 3, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

Five members of the Russian nationalist motorcycle club Night Wolves laid wreaths at the Slavín memorial in Bratislava on the afternoon of May 2, a ...

night wolves november 2013 photo

Putin’s bikers’ ride through Slovakia provokes concerns

April 29, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

The Night Wolves, a reportedly ultra-nationalist motorcycle club with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, are planning to make an appeara ...

Bratislava photo by Kiban

Slovak referendum on ‘family’ invalid, turnout low

February 8, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

Slovakia’s February 7 referendum on family may be invalid as just 21.3 per cent of eligible voters cast their ballot, suggest the unofficial r ...

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    Czech Republic: Festival of Freedom marks the Velvet Revolution
    November 11, 2014, by Raymond Johnston of The Prague Post

    Numerous events are planned in the Czech Republic to celebrate 25 years since the Velvet Revolution. Some 16 civic groups and organisations are joining together to present concerts, films, discussions […]

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    Slovakia: November 17 1989 hailed in art, culture
    November 11, 2014, by The Slovak Spectator

    November 17 is a vital date in Slovak history, as on this day in 1989, the fall of communism started and the “long and winding road” to a democratic and […]

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    Slovakia faces gas supplies halved
    October 3, 2014, by Beata Balogova and Jana Liptokova of The Slovak Spectator

    A fifty per cent drop in Russian natural gas deliveries on October 1 put the Slovakian government on alert with Prime Minister Robert Fico comforting Slovak households and the corporate sector […]