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migrants budapest photo DW A Szoczi
January 25, 2016, by Jamie Dettmer of VOANews

Opinions of young Europeans appear to be hardening toward immigration.  Ask them about their lives and talk quickly turns to the challenge of finding jobs and the threat of Europe […]

Robert Fico

Eastern Europe bristles after Cologne

January 10, 2016, by Deutsche Welle

Eastern European governments were against taking in Muslim refugees before the events in Cologne took place. Now, they feel vindicated in their resist ...

Slovak campaign to assist migrants

Slovakia’s accommodation project for refugees still alive

December 17, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

Slovakia’s Interior Ministry wants to place Iraqi refugees in houses of volunteers despite protests from villagers and mayors, making their int ...


Hungarian Parliament’s Speaker: Slovakia should not be in the EU

December 16, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

Slovakia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry summoned Hungarian Ambassador to Slovakia Eva Czimbalmosné Molnár to explain the recent statements made b ...

  • Jaguar Land Rover 1-crop
    Slovakia’s Jaguar Land Rover deal signed
    December 13, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    The clinching of an investment agreement between representatives of the Slovak government and the British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) on December 11 confirmed the arrival of the fourth carmaker ti […]

  • 091022d-010 Bilateral meeting between the NATO Secretary General and the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic
    Slovakia filed lawsuit against quotas
    December 3, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    Slovakia filed a lawsuit against the Council of the European Union concerning the adoption of mandatory refugee quotas on December 2. It asks the Court of Justice in Luxembourg to declare […]

  • Robert Fico
    New anti-terrorism laws proposed in Slovakia
    November 26, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    Uncontrolled migration is an unprecedented risk for Slovakia and the entire EU, according to Prime Minister Robert Fico, and his government is now responding with a set of what it calls […]

  • 091022d-010 Bilateral meeting between the NATO Secretary General and the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic
    Slovak police search hotels for foreigners
    November 25, 2015, by The Slovak Spectator

    Following prime minister Robert Fico’s statement that the government would monitor every Muslim in Slovakia, the police started searching for foreigners, particularly Arabs, Syrians and refugees in the hotels and […]

  • boiko borissov
    Eastern Europe is concerned about its own security
    November 19, 2015, by Deutsche Welle

    More and more Europeans are linking the latest surge of Islamist terrorist attacks to the mass refugee influx in Europe. Security concerns are growing. The tense security situation in the […]