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September 18, 2016, by Patrick Brigham

Until the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU, Greece was on its own. Since the 1920s, it had faced what became the two communist states of Bulgaria, and […]

Greece will begin deporting migrants back to Turkey on Monday from Mytilini's port photo Luis Ramirez VOA

Strike to halt operations at Greek ports on September 22 and 23

September 16, 2016, by The Sofia Globe staff

A 48-hour strike is to halt operations at Greece’s seaports on September 22 and 23, a time during which many Bulgarians have booked trips to Gre ...

Photo: (c) Clive Leviev-Sawyer

The Balkan Blog: Is Greece at the tipping point?

September 14, 2016, by Patrick Brigham

The very north of Greece might well be “The Yardstick” by which we can measure the reality of living in a significantly indebted nation, w ...

Sunset approaches on the Greek-Macedonian border Friday and refugees phmostly Syrian and Iraqis prepare for another night waiting to see if the border will be reopened photo Jamie Dettmer VOA

Almost 300 000 migrants and refugees reached Europe in past 8 months – IOM

September 14, 2016, by The Sofia Globe staff

Close to 300 000 migrants and refugees have reached Europe between the start of 2016 and mid-September, with most of them entering through Greece and ...