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Moon by nasa
July 11, 2014, by The Sofia Globe staff

Bulgaria will join much of the rest of the planet in seeing a Super Moon on July 12 2014, the first of three this year. A Super Moon happens when […]

In this illustration from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, a stellar pair consisting of a pulsar and a white dwarf star is seen.

Astronomers discover ‘Earth-size diamond in space’

June 25, 2014, by VOANews

Astronomers say they’ve discovered “an Earth-size diamond in space.” The white dwarf star, some 900 million light-years away, could be the colde ...

Image credit: NASA/Don Davis

Astronauts warn of catastrophic asteroid strikes

April 24, 2014, by VOANews

Three former astronauts are sounding the alarm about the dangers our planet faces from asteroid impacts and how steps must be taken now to protect aga ...

Artist’s impression of Sentinel-1A. Credits: ESA–P. Carril, 2014

EU’s Copernicus programme to launch first Sentinel satellite

April 3, 2014, by The Sofia Globe staff

The EU is set to launch the first satellite of its ambitious civilian Earth-monitoring programme, Copernicus, on April 3. The Sentinel-1A satellite wi ...

  • new planets image Nasa
    NASA finds ‘planet bonanza’ of 715 new worlds
    February 27, 2014, by The Sofia Globe staff

    NASA’s Kepler mission said on February 26 2014 that it had found 715 new planets. These newly-verified worlds orbit 305 stars, revealing multiple-planet systems much like our own solar system, […]

  • Image credit: Bill Saxton; NRAO/AUI/NSF
    Triple-star system may answer questions about gravity
    January 7, 2014, by VOANews

    The discovery of a three-star system may yield clues that help scientists define the true nature of gravity. The system, which consists of two white dwarf stars and a superdense pulsar, […]

  • The European Space Agency’s ‘best map ever of the universe’. (Image: ESA and the Planck Collaboration)
    Data shows universe could collapse any minute
    December 17, 2013, by VOANews

    Our universe is at even greater risk of collapse than has been previously thought, according physicists in Denmark. Not only are the scientists predicting the end of the world… but the end […]

  • This image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the sun, but no Comet ISON was seen. A white plus sign shows where the Comet should have appeared. It is likely that the comet did not survive the trip. Image Credit: NASA/SDO
    Scientists: No sign of comet after trip around Sun
    November 29, 2013, by VOANews

    Scientists say the comet ISON’s five-million-year journey from the far reaches of the solar system has apparently ended in a one-way trip around the sun. Astronomers say ISON and its […]